Inspiration Behind

Our Fine Jewellery

To gift a beautiful piece of jewellery is to celebrate life, love and friendship. We wear the precious metals and gems against our skin over a lifetime. They embody our passion, symbolise milestones and become entwined with our unique history. When designing our Fine Collection, we looked back to the oldest traditions in jewellery - to the salons of nobles, to the workshops of the finest artisans and to the truly great love stories. We also looked to the world around us - to the sea and sky, heaven and earth.

We felt the romance and sense of the eternal in all these places, and we have captured their essence in our collection. The foundation series in the Fine Collection is the Classic Collection - pieces selected for their timeless beauty and elegance. We adore simplicity, and have refined classic pendants, diamond rings and claw set studs into designs that will last a lifetime. Our Celestial range features more contemporary styling, with simplicity of form and detail, yet centres on one of the oldest motifs used in jewellery – the crescent moon.

The symbol of the moon embodies clarity, love and friendship. And by creating a twin crescent, aligned back to back, we reinforce the twin souls in this exchange – the gifter and the wearer. The elegant Knots range completes the Fine Collection series. These designs symbolise the strong emotional ties that bind us together as human beings, and the strength we gain when we work, love and live together. The Knot series is the most grounded of the Fine Collection, based on real world materials.

The three series that make up the Fine Collection - the Classic, Celestial and Knots - are inspired by the romantic world that surrounds us: precious pieces that are a representation of life’s most beautiful journeys, moments and milestones.

Rachel Sloane, July 2014