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    Bespoke Designs

    We welcome you to view some of our past bespoke designs. Starting from an idea, to a hand drawn sketch, to the beautifully crafted finished piece.

    Rachel Sloane
  • Ceylonese Sapphire

    Ceylonese Sapphire

    A top grade 5ct Ceylonese Sapphire complemented by a halo, and diamond encrusted base. This gorgeous piece includes over 100 diamonds around the top and sides.

  • Diamond Statement

    Diamond Statement

    A modern twist on the classic Sol Setting, this gorgeous, bespoke platinum ring features a unique diamond wrap-around band with a brilliant frosting of diamonds.

  • Trapezoid Detail

    Trapezoid Detail

    Crafted in platinum and set with custom-cut trapezoid and carre cut diamonds. A brilliant cut sits strong as the centre diamond.

  • Maserati Keyring

    Maserati Keyring

    We have recently had the pleasure of working with the team at Continental Car Services in conjunction with Maserati. This limited edition piece is made from sterling silver and encrusted with sapphires.

  • Old World Glamour

    Old World Glamour

    Drawing inspiration from old world glamour, we had the pleasure of creating this diamond cluster engagement ring. Handcrafted in platinum and set with marquise and round diamonds.

  • Fancy Yellow Diamond

    Fancy Yellow Diamond

    This exquisite 1.6ct fancy yellow diamond was hand selected for its unique beauty. Set in platinum with 18K yellow gold claws and surrounded by a fine diamond halo.

  • Gold Wreath

    Gold Wreath

    This unique wreath engagement ring was handcrafted in 18k gold and set with a sprinkling of diamonds.

  • Pink Tourmaline

    Pink Tourmaline

    A unique baguette shaped pink Tourmaline showcases its incredible beauty with stepped style Ceylonese Sapphires and crafted in 9kt gold.

  • Bespoke Rope

    Bespoke Rope

    We brought a client's vision to life with this nautically inspired solitaire rope engagement ring. Created in 22kt gold, this is a stunning example of handcrafted beauty.

  • Cluster Love

    Cluster Love

    A classic diamond cluster engagement ring. Handcrafted from platinum with a yellow gold band.

  • The Midas Touch

    The Midas Touch

    Handcrafted in 18kt yellow gold and platinum, this striking emerald cut centre diamond is complemented with a fine diamond-set band.

  • Hand Engraved

    Hand Engraved

    Crafted from 18kt gold this piece showcases a crest of pave-set black diamonds, and traditional hand engraving. A magnificent piece that will go down in history at Naveya & Sloane.

  • Unique Twist

    Unique Twist

    This bespoke piece is a unique twist on our Pavo Setting. A classic design from our Signature Collection, customised with a black diamond centre stone and finished with black diamond detailing.

  • Oval Cut

    Oval Cut

    Handcrafted in 18K white gold, this oval cut diamond is complemented perfectly in the halo setting. Complete with antique milgrain detailing.

  • Classic Champagne

    Classic Champagne

    Crafted in 18kt gold with a platinum setting, this piece displays a champagne diamond for striking brilliance.

  • Gold Solitaire

    Gold Solitaire

    A minimalist design crafted from 18kt gold. A wide band flows into the centre diamond, depicting elegance and beauty.

  • Black Diamond

    Black Diamond

    Originally hand-carved from wax, this bespoke piece showcases a 3ct black diamond, encrusted with white diamonds. Crafted in platinum with an 18kt gold band.

  • Nautical Inspiration

    Nautical Inspiration

    Handcrafted in 18kt white gold, the precious metal is hand-twisted to create this elegant rope detailing.

  • Breathtaking Aquamarine

    Breathtaking Aquamarine

    This bespoke piece showcases a breathtaking Aquamarine complemented with a delicate diamond-set band. A modern take on our classic Indus setting.

  • Marquise Dream

    Marquise Dream

    Set with a combination of marquise and round brilliant diamonds, this beautiful, eclectic design exudes femininity with its fluid lines and organic themes.

  • Ocean Blue Tourmaline

    Ocean Blue Tourmaline

    A rare and majestic Indicolite Tourmaline set into 18kt white gold with a fine diamond halo.

  • Peridot Daydream

    Peridot Daydream

    This majestic Peridot engagement ring was hand-finished for a long distance client. The striking emerald cut Peridot is complemented with a pair of trilliant side diamonds, adding to its sophistication and elegance.

  • 1920's Admiration

    1920's Admiration

    This commissioned engagement ring was inspired by 1920's glamour. It showcases a vibrant emerald cut Amethyst with diamond detailing.

  • Split claw Sapphire

    Split claw Sapphire

    Inspired by old world design, this gorgeous Ceylonese Sapphire engagement ring features antique split claws, milgrain detailing and a diamond-set split band.

  • Ocean Blues

    Ocean Blues

    Drawing inspiration from the Zeta Setting, this emerald cut Sapphire holds breathtaking brilliance. Handcrafted in 18k white gold and channel-set with diamond baguettes.

  • Mountain Silhouette

    Mountain Silhouette

    A beautiful cushion cut diamond surrounded by a halo of diamonds. It has a unique design under the setting with a silhouette of a New Zealand mountain range. You can also see the subtle heart shaped claws, signature to N&S designs.

  • Golden Wreath

    Golden Wreath

    Originally hand-carved from wax, this bespoke design was brought to life in 18kt gold and diamond.

  • Diamond-Set Ruby

    Diamond-Set Ruby

    Timeless beauty meets modern simplicity with this magnificent 3ct cushion cut Ruby. Complemented with diamond set claws and handcrafted in 18kt gold.

  • The Old Salty

    The Old Salty

    This bespoke piece was designed especially for our friends at The Salty Classic. The 'Old Salty' will be worn home by the man who single handedly wins the battle between man and fish.

  • Bespoke Initials

    Bespoke Initials

    We were excited to receive a very unique idea from a client to incorporate their meaningful initials into this ring. We love working closely with every individual to bring even the most bespoke pieces into reality.

  • Sapphire Solitaire

    Sapphire Solitaire

    Crafted in 14kt white gold and set with a cushion cut Sapphire. Complemented by a delicate diamond band.

  • Rose Gold Wreath

    Rose Gold Wreath

    This hand-carved commission is crafted from rose gold with delicately detailed diamond-set white gold leaves.

  • Gentleman's Dream

    Gentleman's Dream

    A Carnelian signet style wedding ring set in 18kt gold. Sand blasted for a matte finish and complemented with a polished rub-over setting.

  • Rose Buds

    Rose Buds

    The roses in this Naveya & Sloane commission were hand-carved in wax then cast into 9kt rose gold and set with precious gems, Ruby and Sapphire.

  • Citrine Statement

    Citrine Statement

    This bespoke design showcases seven amazing, hand selected Citrine stones handcrafted in 9ct gold. The Citrine’s striking colour makes this ring a true statement piece.



 The Secret Spark

We believe that true love is very precious, a treasured blessing that is personal and private between you and your partner. The Secret Spark is a symbol of this. Hidden from all but the wearer’s eyes, a small gemstone or diamond is crafted within the band, a matching touch to both your rings. The Secret Spark bonds a Naveya & Sloane engagement ring and wedding band together for a lifetime.

 Made to order

Our engagement rings are made to order by the hands of our skilled Goldsmiths to ensure the highest quality results. Every ring, be it from our Signature Collection or a unique design, is tailor made to your personal requirements and budget with uncompromised service.

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Lifetime Service

We stand by all our clients and their rings. Part of this promise is a complimentary Lifetime Service that allows you to bring your ring in annually for a service by our expert jewellers. Your ring is cleaned and any loose claws adjusted and tightened. Each year's service is then recorded on your Naveya & Sloane Lifetime Service card.

Diamond Pricing

Our focus is to provide you with world-class jewellery design and a personalised experience. For most jewellers, this involves a hefty premium but for Naveya & Sloane, this is simply not the case. Making all of our rings to order allows us to keep our costs down, which translates to better value for our clients. We work with you to select the perfect diamond and design for your engagement ring. All pricing quoted on this site should be taken as an example, as we tailor every ring to suit each individual client and their budget.

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