Unsure of the Right Design?

Are you unsure of the right engagement ring design for your partner? Don’t worry you are not alone! The fact is, at this point, you probably have more of an idea than you give yourself credit for. Here at Naveya & Sloane the process of crafting an engagement ring focuses on supporting you with our design background and experience to narrow down the perfect style that will suit your partner, their lifestyle and create that special memory they will never forget.

Generally, there will have been some subtle hints dropped before you have got to the point of reading this. It’s always good to have these in mind as they often help assist us to form the basic points of their ring. For example, your partner may prefer Yellow or White Gold, a Diamond band or a plain one. A good idea, when you get a chance, is to have a look at your partner’s current jewellery lying on the dressing table. From here, it is best to browse our Signature Collection and see if any of these designs are to your liking. When you are ready, feel free to drop us an email or call us and we can discuss the different designs and answer any questions you may have.

We can work with you via email, phone calls or directly at our Queen St studio where all our jewellery is made by hand. Once we have corresponded we will put together some diamond options that best suit your budget and the style of engagement ring you are looking for. From here you are free to pop in, if in the Auckland area, and hand pick the perfect Diamond or Gemstone for your partner. Our service also extends overseas and we have worked with clients worldwide. The process behind working internationally is easy and effortless. All consultations are held via email, and we work to make the process as simple for you as possible.

If at this point you are still undecided on a design we would recommend the Original Setting. This is a new concept created by Naveya & Sloane which allows you a precious diamond at the heart of the proposal and gives your partner the gift of creating their dream ring. To learn more about this service, click on the 'Original Setting' tab.

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Your Rings Lifetime Service

An engagement ring is undoubtedly one of the few things that will be treasured for ever. When purchasing a ring it is important to consider, not only the now, but also the future support as this will help keep your ring beautiful and protected. Our goal is to keep your ring looking as beautiful as the day it left the studio, this is why every Naveya & Sloane engagement ring comes with a complimentary Lifetime Service. Our Master Jewellers will record the history of your ring in your service card so you will forever be able to trace the work done to your ring over it’s lifetime. For our full service terms please refer to here.

The Naveya & Sloane Secret Spark

From the very beginning, we at Naveya & Sloane have taken great pleasure in the unexpected, with hidden features on many of our pieces. Inside the band of every Naveya & Sloane diamond ring you will find a secret jewel, a signature mark that symbolises the special bond shared between two people. Called the Secret Spark, it is a custom touch, unique to all of our Signature Designs and Original Setting rings. You can choose what form yours will take, whether it is a precious diamond or one of a selection of gemstones that suits your unique style.

Collecting Duty Free? Save the GST

If you are planning to leave the country anytime soon you will be able to collect your ring Duty Free under certain circumstances. This allows you to remove the GST of 15% from the purchase price. This service is available from all International Terminals throughout NZ and is a very straightforward process. We do recommend getting in touch as soon as possible so we can have your ring crafted in plenty of time before you fly, so guys, don’t leave it until the last minute to get in touch! For more information on whether you are eligible to purchase duty free please refer to the New Zealand Customs website.

Made to Order What does it mean?

We realise that purchasing an engagement ring is different for everyone. This is why we at Naveya & Sloane have decided to offer all of our engagement rings to order. Crafting our rings in this way gives you more control and makes the process of finding the right ring relaxed, easy and of course, unique to you. It might take a little longer then picking something out of the cabinet but hey, what’s the rush.

First we will work with you to understand your priorities. We will help educate you on diamond and metal options, and when you’re ready we will put together a sketch, which we can then refine to the perfect engagement ring.

Our specialist Goldsmiths have years of experience, and your ring will be made in New Zealand. Using only ethically sourced diamonds, each ring comes with an independent valuation and a Lifetime Service. Once we have started crafting your ring, please allow for 3-5 weeks before it is ready to be collected or sent to you.

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Working with Your Budget

Working with us to create a beautiful engagement ring you will find is an easy and informative process. There can be a misconception that you pay a premium for custom engagement jewellery, however, at Naveya & Sloane this is simply not the case. To help you get some perspective on our pricing, when deciding on your budget we have a price guide for all of our designs at the different carat weights. Prices will differ from diamond to diamond, with higher qualities costing more and lower qualities costing less.

Have a think about what you would like to spend before dropping by as this will help narrow down the style and type of diamond. We can also offer flexible payment terms and finance options with 12 months interest free, to help with your special purchase.

If you are unsure that is perfectly fine, just drop us a line and we can talk through some options at various price points to help with your understanding of diamonds and their pricing.

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Made in New Zealand

We truly believe how a ring is designed and crafted is as important as the diamond you select. When working with Naveya & Sloane you will know exactly where your ring came from and because we custom design and make all of our rings in Auckland, we oversee the entire process and maintain the highest standard for every piece. Our Master Jewellers have a wealth of experience and we pride ourselves on the highest standard of craftsmanship and a lifetime of support. And remember, we are always just a phone call away.

Custom Wedding Bands

As all our rings are made to order, we are able to offer a 'Custom Band Service' to complement our Signature Range. The 'Custom Band Service' includes working with you to design a band that matches the setting of your choice. We have a range of wedding bands to complement your engagement ring. We can also work with both of you to make sure your wedding bands are truly a special piece of jewellery. Engraving can also be included to give your wedding band a personal touch.

The Gentleman's Guide

  • Intro - Welcome
    Set a Budget - Even though you have discussed getting married, the marriage proposal itself should still be a surprise. Pick a moment she would never expect.
    Find out her Ring Size  - You have a couple of options here. Measure the inside width of a ring that she wears on the same finger but on the other hand. We can then convert this into a ring size. Or ask her mum or best friend, they might just know!
    Make it a Surprise  - Even though you have discussed getting married, the marriage proposal itself should still be a surprise. Pick a moment she would never expect.
    Keep it a Surprise  - If you want to keep everything a surprise, you might want to create a new email account to liaise with Naveya & Sloane on. You don’t want to chance ruining the surprise.
    Be Prepared  - This might feel a bit silly, but say the words you intend to ask, out-loud a few times. It might help to write down exactly what you’re going to say to make sure you come off as smooth and supremely confident.
    Talk to her Parents  - We’ve come a long way from the days when women were property who needed their fathers permission, yet there is stull something nice and respectful about asking for her parents blessing.
    Drop to one knee - Its not the 1950’s but there is something so charming and romantic about a man on one knee. Even if you’re not that way inclined, there’s something romantic about keeping a little tradition in mind.
  • Welcome to the Gentleman's Guide
    Welcome to the
    Gentleman's Guide
  • Unsure of the Right Design?
    Unsure of the
    Right Design?
  • Your Rings Lifetime Service
    Your Rings
    Lifetime Service
  • The Naveya & Sloane Secret Spark
    The Naveya & Sloane
    Secret Spark
  • Collecting Duty Free? Save the GST
    Collecting Duty Free?
    Save the GST
  • Made to Order What does it mean?
    Made to Order
    What does it mean?
  • Working with Your Budget
    Working with
    Your Budget
  • Made in New Zealand
    Made in
    New Zealand
  • Custom Wedding Bands
    Wedding Bands